EUROVEA TOWER - Dynamic facade lighting

Dynamic facade lighting flash proof solution developed to transfer data over powerline

...installation in progress, more complex pictures comming soon.

Eurovea Tower - 168m tall facade building lighting dynamically driven by our uniquely developed data cable-less DC system (60V DMXoverPowerline) 
All components are developed and delivered during 2year contract, and mounted directly with facade cover floor to floor continuously, while 7floors above it a concrete is being poured. Our unique system consists of 6mm2 cabling DC system terminated by connectors rated to 40A/IP67, with prefabricated tails with connector which fits to our IP67 controller. Output from the LED DCDC controller powers 2 independent Constant current MASTER LED strips MASTER-64-CC-HV . Each from the LED strips is potted in ALU channel, terminated with IP67 connector on 30cm cables.
Controllers are custom made, decoding DMX data modulated with ERC on the powerline, thus reducing the whole cabling needs to 2 power lines only, yet allowing to transfer all data along whole 168m tall building.

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