Maximum allowed installed length of LED strips

Voltage range vs max. allowed installed length explained

If you can understand the graph bellow, then you will never want to install anything else accept MASTER LED strips.

Graph showing Voltage range limits for various LED strips - MASTER and standard cheap chines LED strips
Parameters Dtyp@Utyp and Dtyp2@Utyp2 shown above are the main factors and advantages. 
Are you interested what is the Umax parameter? ...Umax is maximum allowed Voltage, exceeding which a permanent damage to the LED strip will ocur. As you can see, Umax for all our MASTER LED Strips is 36V, which is far enough from Utyp (24V) or from extended Voltage Utyp2 (30V) so you can have peace in mind, that the LED strip will be safe. When using long or thin input wires to power up the LED strip, this extra space can be used for Voltage drops which are inevitable. So you have additional 5-6V for voltage drops on input wires! Never exceed !Umax! otherwise it might lead to permanent damage.

Graph is showing two different 24VDC LED strips only :

  • STANDARD LED strip (with resistor and LEDs only) with no active current regulation

  • MASTER-LONGRUN LED strip with constant current drivers (specific LED strip focused on very long installed distances)

Red continuous line (STANDARD LED strips) have only short area between limits (Umin and Umax) thus their maximum installed length is very small (red bar graph in top part - 5-10m normally)....causing you to use many power supplies along any longer line that that.

Oposite that, MASTER-LONGRUN LED strip with constant current drivers have very wide gap between its limits (Umin and Umax) allowing to use much higher Voltage drop on wires with no effect on brightness. As this is possible, you can use so much of LED strip in one line, until it will reach one of its 2 limits :

  • Umin - bellow this Voltage limit the LED strip will start to decrease its brightness, as there will be not sufficient amount of voltage to open LED's PN junction with sufficient current. When powered from 24VDC, you will reach this Umin limit with about 30m of LED strip in single line (Umin will be on its far end).

  • max. allowed current path - where Utyp2 comes into play (bellow)

  • Utyp2 - when you need to install even longer lines than "Dmax @Utyp "(30m for LONGRUN design will draw only 3000mA from Power supply ) and as our current limit for MASTER-LONGRUN design is massive 7000mA we are using only almost half of its "max. current" limit" ! Simply increase the voltage (LONGRUN upper Voltage limit Utyp2 to reach "Dmax @Utyp2" is 30V) which will allow you to use full limit of max. 7000mA current path resulting in max. 140m of LED strip (powered from the middle)!.... and all 8400 LEDs on whole 140m of line will be bright to 100% , no more, no less. 

Whenever possible, always use MASTER LED strips - Quality LED strips focused on quality solutions.
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