MASTER Constant current drivers - Explained.

Constant current drivers is the most important device found on our LED strips. It makes real difference to lifetime. Why?​

Photo of COnstant Current Driver IC on MASTER LED strip

Constant current drivers on board

Constant current drivers are significantly improoving the quality and stability of our LED strips.
Due to a fact, ,that LEDs are slowly changing their parameteres, such as brightness, Voltage , resistance, etc, it is absolutely neccessary to drive LEDs with constant current. Only this concept can guard the LEDs and prevent from damages due to overcurrent which happens during lifetime when LEDs change their internal properties.

A. Schematic if constant current driver is centralized (CC LED strips)

 - multiple LEDs are in series, and the series of LED strings are connected in parallel. As you can see, the schematic is very simple, there are no components to actively protect the LEDs. It is also very cheap for production

Schematic of Constant Current LED strips
Schematic of LED strips with CC IC constant current drivers
B. Constant Current drivers are decentralized (MASTER solution)

(LED strips with constant current drivers) - each serie of LEDs (1segment) contains 1 independent current driver (a device ensuring each LED in its LED series will have exact current/brightness. LED line made of 100segments will contain 100 tiny current drivers (1pc for each segment)
As you can see, there is extra component named CC IC (Constant current IC) attached independently for each LED string of series. 

These LED strips are standard CV (Constant Voltage) kind of LED strips (12V or 24V DC), not to be confused with Constant Curent LED strips (which are not so easy to work with)

Someone might get confused with these options, let's explain it little bit in depth (for better understanding pros and cons) READ MORE on NEXT ARTICLE

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