Revolutionary MASTER LED strips Portfolio

Architectural / Production lighting

Upto 140m from single power feed (from the middle), Low Voltage drop, great stability.Use : Accent lighting, Facade, Walkways, Bridges, Cassinos, Comercial centres, Hotels..

Standard low power lighting strips superb for vast number of decorative power situations. Narrow FCB, great installation lengths, nice segment length : Decorative lighting almost everywhere.

Medium powered LED strips with no need for cooling, great efficacy and most applications, with higher Lm requirements. Use : Indirect lighting in Private residence, Hallways, Hotels

LED stips with POWER Lm output and optimum parameters. Great for power lighting/Luminaires, for indirect/cove lighting : Power lighting, residences, Hotels.

High *** lighting

Very narrow LED strip for edgelighting : Glass, LGP, PMMA, signage, etc. Ideal for very space limiting applications : handrails, shelfs, Furniture lighting, signage, sculptures.

Unique vibrant colours providing excellent colour reproduction, shades : boutiques, Glass sculptures, VIP residence, Shop lighting(Meat,Bakery,Fish)

Special version (12VDC for safety) for high temperature lighting (Withstands permanent 90°C)Use : Dry Finish sauna, Special machine lighting, automotive, fireplace lighting.

CCT Adjustable lighting

Designed to allow change of CCts in Low / medium power / accent ligting situations. Use : Furniture, decorative indirect / cove lighting, diffused LED in-wall lines, etc

High power CCT adjustable strips to provide superior power from small area : LED luminaires production, Luxurious residence, sculptures, hotels, lobby, etc.

Multicolour / Digital lighting

SPI Digitally driven (5VDC) LED strips designed for entertainment and decorative lighting, various options, protocols and design densities available upon request. please contact us.

Designed for decorative RGB lighting with super homogenous output. All LEDs share only 1 power source/power is "split" between channels. Use : residential/commercial / sculpture lighting, in-floor/in-wall diffussed lighting.

Designed for decorative RGB+Separate White channel for soft and pastel colours. All LEDs share only 1 power source/power is split between channels. Use . Cove / commercial / casino / hotel / shop lighting

Designed for interior decorative lighting (RGB with separate White channel) of really long lines. Single Power source is split between channels.Use : Cove / commercial / casino / residential / facade lighting.

Designed for interior lighting (RGB with separate W-channel) for high power main lighting (white channel has high power) Each channel has own CC IC / channel powers are "adding up".Use : Cove / residential / commercial / shop lighting

Almost all of these unique LED strip designs is possible to be produced in ANY of over 40 superior and breath taking colours.

News : LEDs with superior award-winning spectral characteristics added to our portfolio, see products MASTER-POWER-SUPERWHITE-SunLike .

MASTER SunLike LED strips evolution of lighting explained