Revolutionary MASTER LED strips

Our Unique product collection. MASTERed to finest details. 

Our revolutionary range of MASTER LED strips feature excellent quality and durability. This class of LED strips with constant current drivers is the result of the culmination of years in LED lighting market, numerous installations and a great know-how. We have managed to create a range that is characterized by fantastic technical parameters whilst maintaining affordable prices. These LED strips are designed for all interior lighting applications, from decorative lighting to high intensity or efficiency, our range includes more than 40 types and colours of LED strips so that it can cover all applications for installation and lighting requirements. In their development, we have taken into account the maintenance of optimal operating temperatures, high CRI (>90), lifespan, efficiency as well as other equally important technical parameters. The MASTER range will surely satisfy all your demands for high quality lighting, long warranties, beautiful and natural looking colours and the reliability of the whole system, both in the family home and in the commercial centres.

  • 10 years of experience and constant upgrading/redesigning the portfolio
  • reasonable price / High quality
  • complex portfolio with over 18 different product types, each in many colour or power options

As professional manufacturer, we take pride in every detail of our LED strips, from choosing the best LEDs, through designning the circuit boards, choosing materials to be manufactured from, to the setting working current, thermal design, optical requirements, to the details with placing solder pads or shortening cut lines. Each detail matters.

Thanks to or vast portfolio, We are sure you will find a perfect product to all your specific requirements and installation issues.

OEM production welcome!

LED strip technical drawing each special MASTER feature is numbered

Main advantages

  • Integrated constant current drivers (LED strips work with standard 24VDC constant voltage)
  • no loss of intensity due to Volatge drop over longer distance
  • no uncontrollable colour shift over time
  • High quality Flexible circuit board, with high amount of pure copper
  • high quality heat transfer self adhesive tape causing the strips to be cooler of about 2-3°C than competetive products
  • genuine OSRAM Opto Semiconductor LED chips
  • CRI typ 85
  • various segment lengths as each product is specifically designed for different application (27mm-200mm)
  • high density of upto 228 LEDs/m
  • Special version as CCT adjustable, RGBW, RGBA, UV, DMX etc..
  • superior installation lengths (upto 100m from single power feed - LONGRUN)
  • efficient packages of upto 50m on single roll = less connection = less time = less problems

Long story short :

MASTER LED strips will definitely suit all specific needs, will provide high quality lighting with no intenisty loss, over long distance, with vibrant colors and nice CRI, yet in affordable price.

As our R&D never stops, we offer a quality warranty as a standard for all customers :

  • 5- years warranty / L80B10 lifetime
  • quality controll over whole production, 1BIN only with BIN code and spectral informations
  • 3 step MacAdam (3SDCM)

OEM production option with individual requirements from 300 meters.

......and  many many other details more. If you are interested, just Contact us!

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