High power LED strips with super, super High Lm output MASTER-SUPERPOWER will surprise you! El. power is relatively high, but in combination with high efficiency, high purity copper in FCB, great thermall design and other details amount of heat generated with this strip is easyly possible to cool down with medium sized Aluminium profile. It is highly recommended to use this LED strip only in combination with quality PC diffusers ( strong luminous flux will quickly degrade most cheap covers )

High power LED strip

Its incredible intensity will convince you for sure to use in any high power LED luminaires.

Heat management of SuperPower LED strips 

 All our MASTER LED strips contain many technical advantages and provides high quality solution. As an example, our CC ICs we use in our design to stabilise current provides negative Thermall Coeficient (NTC) , which acts as self-protection in case the LED strip is powered on without any cooling ALU profile. In case the temperature rises, the IC will reduce current to protect the LED strip from overheating. So, in case you leave this LED strip powered on the table without ALU profiles installed in, it will reduce its power so it will not get any more hot than 65°C. If you install it in ALU profile, it will start performing as designed : It will start drawing its power as designed and deliver massive lumen power.

MASTER-SuperPower LED tape is suitable for :

  • Production of LED lighting luminaires

  • Linear office lighting

  • Commercial lighting

MASTER SUPERPOWER LED strip segment drawing with all features explained


This SuperPower high density LED strip can be delivered in any from our standard 42 colours and spectral properties.Colours to choose from

Spectral characteristics if assembled with OSRAM LEDs CRI80+ ( suffix code : -W8xx)

Chromaticity coordinate graph explaining LED chip BINNING

OSRAM spectral emission of LED chip

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