Dynamically controlled LED pixels, with very high dense LEDs (248x/m) are especially suitable for very low profile diffused architectural and sculpture lighting. Superior density allows almost dot-free lighting from about 1m even without diffusers, thus moving the whole lighting to very new dimension. This very dense LED strip is especially suitable for all glass sculpture lighting application. Its high power is able to deliver great lighting peaks, which will attract many customers from larger distance than lower powered strips. That is why this LED strip is beeing developed in 2 power factors : deco (6.2W per each color if all pixels are ON) and POWER (20W per colour if all LEDs are ON) Please note : for best lifetime and parameters, it is highly advised not to run : each pixel on more than 100% of 1 colour at a time, or design a custom effects which will make sure if certain LEDs and more than 1 colour will be 100% bright , the other LEDs will be off or dimmed to much lower value. This way you will make sure, the great power allowed in the LED strips will not affect the whole instalaltion and its current and thermall limits. 
This LED strip is not porduced using our Constant current drivers, and it doesnt have some of the MASTER features.


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