MASSIVE POWER SPI digital pixel LED strip SQUARE22 RGBW with 24VDC

Incredibly powerfull, square shape, 24VDC, separate white LED for better color lifetime 

22x22mm small and symetric LED pixel with RGB+W spectrum powered from 24VDC with MASSIVE power : in LED module, LED strip or LED panel form. 
All Modular. 

22x22mm 24V LED RGBW pixel with SPI digitall communication.

Each pixel is set of IC + 8x RGB + 8x individual white LED. Each colour can reach very high intensity. Using SPI communication of TM1814 a 100% hardware current limit can be set in SPI communication from 6.5 to 38mA/channel, which saves alot time when dimming special scenes where 0-255 steps are still kept allowing it to keep its scene softness in transitions. 

LED module on flexible PCB - in LED strip design

Assembling the LED module on flexible PCB rather than rigid provides few very important parameters : 
- LED wall / sheet can be very easily customized to desired shape ONLY with scissors
- edges of LED module can be cut in case needed
- thermal management MUCH much better if compared to standard FR4 rigid PCB, reaching much lower temperature on Tc point.
- very flexible, delivered on 3M adhesive tape, installation is piece of cake without needs to drill and use any screws or thermal compound  underneath it. 

8LED designs allows for symetric LED light distribution and increases efficiency.
Total power of each pixel can reach 0,9W, for all 4 channels it is 3.6W/pixel.
That gives massive power of 2KW/m2 (510W per colour) if all pixels are lit.

Technical informations per PIXEL :

Basic unit / smallest segment information
Delivered in standard sized panel 240x500mm, each 500mm row is internally connected to any solder pads Vcc, GND, DATA IN are on left, connected to next segment on the right internally. When installing whole sheets, each row has to be interconnected with power and data cables appropriately. 

No. of channels (for standard assembly / SPI addresses)

Operating voltage

Current draw per pixel (max. power setting)@All channels powered

El. power per pixel (max. power setting)@All channels powered

Lm output (White channel @ max. power setting)


RGB wavelength (nm)



16.5-150mA (0.15A)

0.4-3.6W (0.9W/channel) per pixel


90 as standard (selectable from 42 different spectral properties)

Red=622nm, Green=532nm, Blue=457nm

Technical informations per LED STRIP :

All electrical parameters are based on PIXEL technical informations (see above)

Technical data calculated per 500mm LED strip length

LED strip width 

Lm output for WHITE LED only (@max current set)

No. of LED pixels in 1 row (500mm LED strip)

LED strip length (as standard found on PANEL, possible to join multiple together)

El. power







0.4-3.45A/500mm strip

Technical data calculated per 1m LED strip length

LED strip width 

Lm output for WHITE LED only (@max current set)

No. of LED pixels in 1 row (100mm LED strip)

El. power







Technical informations per LED panel :

All parameters bellow are based on "LED strip" technical informations (see above)

Technical data calculated per PANEL (size 500x242mm)

LED panel width

Lm output per WHITE LED only @max. current setting

LED panel length

No. of LED strips in 1panel (no. of rows)

No. of Columns (pixels) per 1 row

No. of pixels per panel

El. power



33 000Lm





101-910W (228W/channel) per panel


Ideal for : 
- Sculpture LED lighting
- LED pixel wall lighting
- glass chandelier LED lighting
- Onyx and stone wall lighting
- entertainment power lighting
- curved LED wall lighting

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