Incredibly powerfull, 12mm super dense, 24VDC, separate white LED for better color mixing lifetime 

Small pixel and very powerfull, 24V solution in 12mm width with RGB+W spectrum.

12mm wide 24V LED RGB+W pixel driven LED tape with SPI digitall communication.

Each pixel is set of IC + 7x RGB + 7x individual white LED. Each colour can reach very high intensity. Using SPI communication of TM1814 a 100% hardware current limit can be set in SPI communication from 6.5 to 38mA/channel, which saves alot time when dimming special scenes where 0-255 steps are still kept allowing it to keep its scene softness in transitions. 

Professional 24V digital LED tape on flexible PCB

- thermal management is MUCH much better if compared to standard 5V LED strips, reaching much lower temperature on Tc point for the same light power.
- High Lm flux LEDs with proper thermall heatpads to quickly remove heat genertaed from LEDs to copper base.

- separate White LED with CRI90+ provides much better heatsinking parameters which heat does not interfere with RGB LED spectrum and performance. COlour consistency is crucial to all professional LED pixel projects. 

- LEDs are bored : max. current is far far bellow Max. LED current limits, thus all LEDs are well bored, providing superior colour consistency for very long period, far behind our standard 5-years warranty.

- External CC IC with SPI communication is much more reliable than standard 5V digital LEDs, as the heat generated by the external IC is not affecting LEDs performance. 

Digitally controlled SPI LED tape segment technical drawing showing 1 pixel with 7pcs white LEDs, 7pcs RGB LEDs and SPI IC TM1814

Technical informations per PIXEL/SEGMENT :

Basic unit / smallest segment information
Delivered in standard reels of 10m, with double sided tape 3M, Total power of each pixel can reach 0,864W, for all 4 channels it is 3.5W/pixel. That gives massive power of upto 77W/m (19.25W/m per colour) if all pixels are lit and current set to max. power.

No. of channels (for standard assembly) (no. of SPI addresses)

Operating voltage

Current draw per pixel (max. power setting)@All channels powered

El. power per pixel (max. power setting)@All channels powered

Lm output (White channel @ max. power setting)


White LED CCT (K)

RGB wavelength (nm)



152mA (0.152A)



92+ as standard (selectable from 42 different spectral properties)

standard 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5700K, or on request 42 different spectral properties

Red=622nm, Green=532nm, Blue=457nm

Digitally controlled SPI LED tape segment technical drawing explained every MASTER detail

Technical informations per METER :

All parameters bellow are based on LED strip SEGMENT technical informations (see above)
Massive power of upto 80W/m (20W/m per colour) if all pixels are lit and current set to max. power.

Nominal Voltage (DC)

LM output /m @White only

Current draw (each colour)/m

Total power if all 4channels are lit @max. current setting

LED strip width

No. of LED pixels in 1 row (LED strip)/m

LED strip length on 1 roll



800mA (0.8A)/m



22x segment/m


Ideal for : 
- Sculpture LED lighting
- LED pixel wall lighting
- glass chandelier LED lighting
- Onyx and stone wall lighting
- entertainment power lighting
- curved LED wall lighting

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