High Density LED strip with Medium power are designed for very low profile Aluminium profiles, where uniform diffusion throughout whole opal cover is crucial. Thanks to very small segments it is ideal for precize and custom length lines with nice and uniform homogenity. Its output is very soft and pleasant for most medium power LED lines. This LED strip does reach a superior efficiency, thus it is possible to use very tiny Aluminium profiles to cool down the small amount of heat even if recessed in furniture or walls. Integrated constant current drivers allows every LED on the strip to shine exactly and without any difference, causing great performance, lifetime dot-less visible LED lines. Even it contains constant current drivers onboard, it is suitable for 24VDC power supply and compatible with any 24VDC PWM dimming controllers.


Suitable for :

  • Furniture diffus lighting

  • Low-Depth / Thin linear wall lighting

  • Difussed LED lines

MASTER HD-MEDIUM LED strip segment drawing with all features explained

Spectral characteristics valid for all OSRAM LEDs included with suffix code : -W8xx


Chromaticity coordinate graph explaining LED chip BINNING

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