SKYPARK : 7Km of curved & design hallway MASTER LED lighting. Design by Zaha Hadid.

We provided over 7Km of interior Hallway LED lighting to 3 skyscrapers, which provide the only lighting for all hallways in residential complex on all 28 floors. All custom made and dimmable and with 5-years warranty as standard.

- 7000m+ of LED linear hallway lighting
- Specially CURVED edges
- special "Banana style" LED strip was designed to enlight perfectly rounded edges
- All LED luminaires were pre-manufactured with IDC connectors
- Running wire concept+ IDC quick fit system (SYSCON) specially designed to allow modularity without any cable to be split.
- Special soft continuos diffuser was developed to prevent creation of diffuser gaps from thermall expanding of closed shape LED lighting
- not a single joint of diffuser or ALU profile is visible
- 3 Buildings x 28floors x 3 hallways per floor, each consisting of 10-24m decently shaped lighting, each powered from single powerline, premade and delivered on time. 

Our LED lighting we designed and delivered is the only light source for all 7Km of residential hallways.

See the results bellow.

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