4Sauna LED strips MASTER

Special version of LED strip developed specially to withstand very high temperatures of 100C commonly found in dry saunas . This LED strip for long period can withstand very high temperatures such as 100C and is the only 12VDC LED strip in our portfolio, thus suitable for automotive lighting too.

Usage : 
- Any area with permanent working Temperature max. 90°C 

- in FINISH SAUNA ZONE2 - officially in Saunas, any el. device in zone 2 (upto 1m from floor, area right above the owen is excluded) has to withstand 90°C, so make sure you either place it in zone2, (officially el. devices above 1m from floor must be certified to withstand above 160°C , to which this product is not designed) Normally in finish sauna, right under the ceiling there is 95-100°C, but in place where LED strips are safe to use in ZONE2 (under steps, under deck chair.... is less than 90°C)

- make sure, you will install it in some clever way (not directly on wood (adhesive might fall of as wood is not very dust free), or in ALU channel which is nice and professional(dont use any glue to fit the ALU channel to wood, use always screws), just hide it so nobody will touch it accidentally (as the ALU profile can cause burn issues), and do not use plastic covers on ALU profile.

For wiring use teflon or silicone wires which can withstand very high temperatures.   
Installation of MASTER-4SAUNA LED strips for commercial places (mainly for ability to wash the saunas mechanically with dissinfection every day) is prefered to be done in extra protective solution (use either Silicone protective sleeve installed in ALU channel with TEFLON sticky tape, or pot the LED strip with suitable thermally resistive compounds (2-part silicone potting compounds, suitable for electronics). 
Do not use standard air-cured silicones. 

MASTER for hot Saunas LED strips Segment drawing with all features technically described

Spectral characteristics valid for all OSRAM LEDs included with suffix code : -W8xx

Chromaticity coordinate graph explaining LED chip BINNING

OSRAM spectral emission of LED chip

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