RGB LEDs performance measurement

In this measurement we simply compare brightness of 2 different RGB LEDs at the same currents. 
Standard "no name chinese LEDs" vs "RGB LEDs MASTER uses in its own designs"

View Spreadsheet document with measured data

We decided to quickly measure how much "better are our RGB LEDs used in our MASTER DESIGNs " if compared to "No name / Chinese RGB LEDs" commonly found on most RGB LED 12 or 24V CV LED strips on Ebay, Aliexpress, etc. 
We take pride in selection of every component in our MASTER designs, we expected some differences in RGB measurements in our favour, but not this much! 

Results were astonishing. 

Chinese RGB LED measurement

 To evaluate informations under equall conditions, we wanted to use existing chinese LED strip with SPI CC IC and external discrete RGB LEDs. So we took just single segment and did the tests. We measured brightness in closed dark space to eliminate enviromental interference (Instead of Integrating sphere or other high tech device, we used "Black cube 100x100x100mm" so anybody can run their own measurements even at home and compare with our results)  Black cube has opening on top to put spectrometer and measure light parameters in direct line with LED beam. Spectrometer (UPRTEK) shows intensity of 177Lx and 515nm dominant wavelength.

We replaced RGB LEDs

Then we simply disconnected the chinese RGB LED and connected our RGB LED instead. Working current and all other details were left with this method identical. 
We first measured the reuslts on green colour only, and we were absolutely staggered. Brightness of our RGB LEDs with the same current etc. shows crazy 859Lx under same measurement conditions, which is 385% more brightness than chinese RGB LEDs.

So we did the measurement for White 

As RGB LEDs are often used in "All channels ON state" which is invalid state for RGB systems (you will not get proper white anyways) we decided to run the test for this situation too so we cover this topic.
Chinese LEDs shows 265Lx, our MASTER RGB LEDs reached 1128Lx, a 325% higher brightness. Off course, viewing angle is the same, Lambertian emitter.

Measurement results : 

Our RGB LED chips we use in ALL MASTER multicolour design reach upto 385% more brightness than Chinese no-name RGB LEDs.

Our setup

Our setup consists of "Black cube 100x100x100mm with opening from bottom to place it on table, and hole from top for spectrometer.
Spectrometer is UPRTEK MK350, reading values of Intensity (Lx) and Dominant wavelength (nm)
LED strip was placed on white metalic surface with adhesive tape to eliminate colour shift by generated heat.
Measurements were made under same temperature, and same working conditions, measured 5seconds after power on.   Photo taken is from running much larger tests afterwards, focused on photometrical differences in 5V SPI LED strips. 

Online Document with measured data

Our measurement clearly shows that CHINESE no-name LEDs are very inefficient, and that genuine RGB LED from proper LED producer can generate 3-4.8x more light (OSRAM, LUMILEDS, CREE, SSC, etc. SO PLEASE DO NOT use phrases when comparing genuine producers with no-name producers as : They all are produced in China/same factory anyway! As you can see TECHNOLOGY MATTERS. Producers oriented NOT on competing market with BEST parameters, but competing with price instead will always provide very low-end parameter products. Lifetime is then questionable too.