MASTER Advantages

During last 10 years we collected vast amount of knowledge, so we developed our advanced portfolio of LED strips with many great details, resulting in many features and advantages, few of them are mentioned bellow :

Electrical properties

Massive current path of upto 7000mA, special Low-drop Voltage system (High purity copper path optimized for high current density)

  • Constant current drivers on board allowing MASTER LED strips to connect to 24VDC power systems, each segment with individual over-current protection with NTC thermaly negative coeficient.

  • ESD protection - most of our products have assembled a extra ESD-protective device, to enhance quality in case of ESD (electro static discharge) ESD protective device onboard enhancing durability in case of ESD discharge

Portfolio advantages - Our complex collection can cover all projects needs :

  • power solutions from 2,4W upto 28W per meter (300-4000Lm/m) We can deliver even higher Lm output, but normally it is not neccessary.

  • more than 43 different colour options for almost each design in our portfolio resulting in more than 1500 combinations

  • More than 16 different product designs, each specially developed with focus to solve certain problem (high uniformity, low voltage drop, high current path, great heat dissipation, high temperature enviroment, etc.

  • LED density from 28x LED/m upto 248x LED/m

Optical properties

  • possibility to deliver CRI of upto 97 in almost any design, with options for LEDs with Award winning spectral properties (Seoul Sunlike LEDs).

  • colour/spectral comaptibility in whole portfolio, allowing you to mix different designs (power, density, type, etc) in one installation

  • Possibility to install LED strips in incredibly long lines without visible brightness drop along the line . Only with our MASTER products it is easy to install 140m of linear light from single power feed! (certain models only)

  • Constant current drivers on board are actively regulating current through each LED on LED strips, thus exact brightness even when Voltage drop occurs is not a problem for us.

We aren't finished : Our limits are much more deeper : for example : parameter "Maximum length (m)" is defined as result of "minimum Voltage (Umin) and Maximum allowed current through FCB" . These informations are measured for U(typ). In case there is still one of the limits not met, we have measured the LED strips for enhanced power voltage (Umax) which will allow you to meet the other limit too and install the products more effectively ( longer LED strips distance, longer cables, etc)

  • We have tested our product portfolio in Official Osram Labs (OSRAM PASS service ) available upon request LDT, IES, LM80,LM79, optical simulation, Lifetime predictions, etc.....

  • Apart that, we continuously run our internal tests focused on : salt enviroment tests, high temperature tests (80 and 105C)

Drawings, plugins, test reports

  • Light calculation plugins free to download (LDT, IES)

  • 3D models (OBJ, STEP)

  • precize mechanical drawings (DXF, DWG)

  • High temperature reliability tests

  • Extended 5-years warranty ....and for everybody! Only using quality LEDs, sophisticated solutions, complex testing and well organised production is the key to stand behind our quality products.

Sophisticated details and system solutions improoving work with MASTER LED strips.

MASTER SysCon - inteligent and reliable connecting system for everybody - where ease of installation is hand to hand with professional solution. Many products or solutions on market are not reliable enough to withstand lifetime of LEDs, generating problems even sooner (connectors for LED strips, etc). Many products are of good quality, but are missing a installation-wise details or topology, resulting in complex sites to be very complex for installation requirement. We have developed our own MASTER SysCon interconnecting system, which has the best of both worlds

Shortening cut lines - Have you been in situation, where you installed the LED strips so the last segment was 10mm longer than your ALUminium profile?...Offcourse you can make it shorter the whole segment, but in visually oriented LED lines this can be problem. So we have a solution for you : End of Line Cut-lines designed on almost everz our design. Allowing you to shorten the last segment from its full length to as low as 4LEDs only (that part with IC driver) And the best comes now : from this shorted line, you can continue with powering up other LED strips as normally.

Do not waste money for ALU profiles if not needed - our portfolio is fully safe and with full warranty cover to be installed without any ALUminium profiles (upto 10W/m). Even our MASTER-SUPERPOWER (our highest power LED strip 28W/m) doesnt heat up to temperatures over 55°C without ANY profile attached to it! Offcourse it is required to use ALU profiles with such high power LED strips to meet 5-years warranty, but you can have peace in mind with any MASTER LED strip bellow 10W/m without ALU profile. Offcourse, ALU profiles are very good for glare and diffusion controll, so we strongly recomend its use to enhance a user experience.

This is general guide for product range, meant as informative only.