MASTER Constaline - Quick Tests and comparison

New, patented technology (patent pending) collection of MultiChannel LED strips, which is absolute game-changer and will change your on LED linear lighting perception, called :


So you tell us, can you see any improovements comparing to STANDARD solution? (Light projection on 3m tall facade, results bellow)

.....more thermall, optical, and other tests,...comming soon.

Case study - or how the ConstaLine happend to be developed : ConstaLine® Case study

Measurement tests were taken photo and measured when both LED lights were ON simultaneosuly.
sample on LEFT : CONSTALINE-28RGB (power 8W/m), 24VDC, LED line 2m long, assembled in ALU-MULTI+ FROST linear optics 30°.
sample on RIGHT: STANDARD (widely available on the market, we call it Chinese version) RGB LED strip, 30xRGB/m, 9.6W/m, 24VDC, IP20. Installed in 2m ALU-MULTI + FROST optics 30°.
ines were both 100mm from facade surface, Gap / transition between projection surface on both sides was placed a 500mm wide x 3000mm tall white board to eliminate polution of 1 light source with intensity to second light source.
Surrounding conditions : Exteri
or, normall darkness, 10°C cloudy. Facade colour White : structure 2mm.